Portable Careers with National Certifications

Courses are FULLY Funded by MYCAA or VA*

*if qualified

Military Spouses

The Academy of Medical Professions is a licensed training school for military spouses. The goals of our certification programs are to provide job-specific training to enable students to be job-ready with our 10 week,16-week or 20 week online programs. The Academy's web classes are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for student flexibility with video lectures of live classes and teachers that are available via email or phone.


The Academy is working with the military spouse MYCAA program and also has financial aid available. The certification programs are an all-inclusive programs to include all needed textbooks and reference books or other materials needed for the courses such as foot pedals for transcription and national certifications for many of the courses with practice exams and more.

Consider These Advantages

- Get your certificate in as little as 4 months

- Study at your own pace - as fast or as slow as you wish

- Extremely affordable

- No classes to attend

- Be at home with your children/loved ones

- Start immediately. No waiting for classes to form

Fast, flexible, affordable training you can take with you wherever you go! Academy of Medical Professions is the perfect fit for your mobile lifestyle. All of our training is conducted by self-paced, distance education. You learn at home & your course materials are delivered right to your door…anywhere in the world.


MYCAA provides military spouses education and training they need to have portable careers. Portable careers with the Academy of Medical Professions allow spouses to move to new locations and continue in their same careers. MYCAA funds pay your tuition, fees, books, and equipment necessary to complete your education, training, credentialing & licensing at no charge to you!

This user-friendly site will help you complete the application needed for your military spouse career advancement account (MYCAA) for training funds up to $4000 a year, complete coverage for the Academy's career programs.


Please review eligibility and complete MYCAA application process. Once completed, and then complete the Academy's enrollment with "MYCAA"/Other indicated in the financial aid or payment section. It is that easy.


Take the first step to accelerating your career with AMP today!



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