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This 14-week program guarantees that you will pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam as well as receiving a Certificate of Completion through the Academy of Medical Professions.  

As a Pharmacy Technician, you will be helping the Licensed Pharmacist with all the necessary day-to-day services that the Pharmacy provides. Everything from preparing medications to answering phones, receiving and verifying prescriptions, counting tablets, taking requests for refilling of medications, and much more.  You are an assistant to the pharmacist. 

Talk about job security!! This is a growing field with high demand and great salaries.  You can work for places such as:  Pharmacies at Hospitals and independent Pharmacies like Rite Aid and Wal-Mart and Walgreens.  There are so many possibilities. 

Excellent communication skills and customer service are essential in this field.  You must have the ability to learn and retain procedural processes and apply them quickly and accurately.  Most places do require flexibility of hours some might ask for:  nights, weekends, or holidays depending on where you work and for whom you work.

You will be working one-on-one with a Pharmacy Technician instructor as you go through your weekly assignments.  She is always available and is in constant contact with you as you progress through the program. 



  • Coverage of all core curriculum requirements in the ASHP (American Society of Health-System Pharmacists) curriculum including:  Orientation, federal law, medication review, aseptic techniques, calculations, everyday pharmacy operations. 
  • Over 7 ½ hours of audio providing student with listening, reading and a visual learning experience. 
  • Over 2,500 pictures and graphics to illustrate the technical details of each topic.  Pictures are from a working pharmacy, illustrating actual duties of pharmacy technicians, from greeting customers to performing basic aseptic techniques. 
  • Over 20 minutes of video guiding the student through the learning experience.  An individual video clip introduces each of the subsections and provides study topic hints for the student. 
  • We will not only train you for the exam to be a Certified Pharmacy Technician , but also help you with job placement, encouraging you and staying in touch through our interactive web site and also contacts through e-mail and phone.  We want you to succeed in your career goals. 
  • Independent Certified Pharmacy Technician online instructor from our company guiding, motivating, and answering questions throughout your course, working independently with each student.


  • Module quizzes that test student’s comprehension.
  • Section tests that reinforce what students should have learned.
  • Tutored Exam at the end of the program allows students to receive immediate feedback.
  • Final Exam is a simulated 125-question PTCB exam that is timed without feedback, mimicking the actual exam. 
  • Competency percentages match with PTCB exam. 
  • Custom tests for each student with questions drawn from OUR database of more than 1,000 unique test questions. 

Fees for the course include the national boards exam registration.


Pharmacy Technician Training Certificate Program is a WEB BASED PROGRAM and the start dates are within 2 weeks of enrolling.  An instructor is assigned to you for validating all materials and answering questions.


All applicants must be 18 years of age, have completed high school with a diploma or GED equivalent.  Basic math is essential for admittance into the Pharmacy Technician program.  If you have a felony on your record, please be aware that this may hinder you applying for a job or obtaining your certification, please be sure to discuss this with the school beforehand.  You must complete the software lectures.  Be advised if the class moves faster than predicted, you could possibly graduate within the 14 week program.  If you would like us to provide a tutored pretest before participating in this course, there will be a $80 tutored test fee.  


You must be successfully pass all 6 Sections in order to receive the certificate.  You may take as much time as necessary to pass each section and may quiz as many times as you feel needed.  The tests can only be taken once.  The tests contain similar questions to the questions you would receive on the National Exam. 


  • You may terminate the Enrollment Agreement or training at any time.  If you do so, you must inform the School in writing.  Termination will become effective upon receipt of the written notice or week corresponding with start date.
  • If you terminate within three days of enrolling, provided you have not commenced training, you will receive a refund of money paid to Transcription Associates, Inc./Academy of Medical Transcription, minus $350 for software registered, and $300.00 application fee is nonrefundable.  If no software is provided or used and is returned, the total subtracted from the refund will be $650.  If software is provided and used, $300.00 will be returned. 
  • If you terminate within the first 3 weeks, you will receive a pro rata refund equal to the unused portion of monies received from your last day of attendance, or week corresponding with your course assignment, less the application fee of $300.00, the software fee of $350, minus attendance fees.  If we do not receive written letter of request to drop out of the program by the fourth class, NO REFUND


****Please make checks payable to the Academy of Medical Professions****

  • Please send all registration forms to Brunswick, Maine office
  • $300.00 non-refundable enrollment fee is already included in the price
  • All registration forms need to be in 2 weeks prior to beginning of class start date
  • All payments are to be kept in good standing or contract is null and void and you must pay remaining balance before attending any more classes or the balance with appropriate fees with be sent to collection agencies as well as legal action will be taken.


 _____$1,850.00  SINGLE PAYMENT:  Includes the entire program, books, and national boards exams fee

_____$1,850.00  VOUCHER PAYMENT:


_____$2,050.00  PAYMENT PLAN OPTION #1 Initial payment of $500, then $75 weekly until paid in full.

_____$2,150.00 PAYMENT PLAN OPTION #2 Initial payment of $500, then $400 monthly until paid in full.


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